We seek billion-dollar startups.

Seismic acquires and nurtures startups looking to disrupt the very core of their industries. Now, investing in venture capital is open to almost everyone.

We open the door to investors of all levels of income and wealth.

9/22: Running a small business is a lot of work, so if there’s anything you can do to make your operations more efficient, it’s worth considering! From seeking outside investment from a venture capital organization like Seismic to using helpful productivity apps, there are plenty of ways to ease your own workload and free up more hours in your day.

Read our guest column "5 Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs for Peak Productivity" here: https://seismic.company/newsletter/1521/

9/6: Join us Thursday, September 15th at 10AM PST /1PM EST for our next webinar on how to add venture capital to your portfolio.

Seismic Capital is making venture capital investing open to everyone, including those who have typically been shut out of the outsized returns venture capital has delivered to institutions this past decade.

With our offering, we open the opportunity to invest in burgeoning private startups to individuals, family offices, institutions, and more.

Plus, with our expert team, boasting decades of experience in the fields of finance, technology, entertainment, and more, we have shown that we know what a business needs to grow and what work we can do to support them in developing their products and building their customer base–the catalysts of growth.

Investing in venture capital requires time, network, and deep enough pockets to attend to the needs of startups. Few individuals, or even institutions, can do this themselves.

8/23: We held another webinar! Good news, we recorded it!

You can catch the replay!

We know you missed Seismic Capital’s webinar “Introducing Seismic Capital: A Webinar With Senior Management'' on Tuesday, August 23rd. However, the good news is, we prepared for that. We recorded the whole thing!

We have uploaded the full recording to the webinars panel of our offering page.

8/22: Join us TOMORROW (8/23 10AM PST) for an overview webinar of Seismic Capital

Introduction to Seismic Capital …
An entirely new way to invest in Venture Capital …

Venture Capital as an asset class is consistently the highest performing, beating stocks, bonds, real estate and even hedge funds. We believe that it should be a part of every investor’s portfolio. Unfortunately, most individual investors have been excluded, keeping this asset class reserved for institutions.

Seismic Capital has opened the doors to VC investing directly to you, with no future requirements to invest multiple times (like many VC funds), no annual fees (like most VC funds), and no required holding periods (like nearly all VC funds).

Find out how we do it, and how you can invest.

To join the webinar, register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_y3qSpzkVRpe1k763Qd5BZA

8/3: Seismic Capital has made it our mission to invest in and grow who we believe are the disruptive innovators of tomorrow.

What do we mean by disruptive innovators? Simply put, firms that don’t just add another product on the shelf, app to the store or service to an industry. We seek to uncover the companies that make inter-industry connections, and develop products and services that make other firms adjust to their vision, and what they are doing.

To find companies that fit this description, we search in non-traditional spaces for startups. We search within accelerators for startups that include mentorship and educational components, college entrepreneur programs, and more. We look beyond Silicon Valley, NY, Boston, London and Austin. By looking in these areas, we target startups who may not be the most visible or the first to raise their hands. We believe these firms may have a high probability to benefit from our decades of experience, our process of working with companies, and our network of advisors, all focused on growing and expanding businesses.

7/27: When you invest in Seismic Capital, you are investing in a diversified portfolio of early stage growth companies, as we build it, and a potential huge benefit is that our stock is a qualified small business (QSB). Perhaps the most important aspect of a QSB is that capital gains, if the stock is held for five years, is exempt from federal taxes (read: if we return venture-type returns, they may be exempt from Federal taxes).

Your shares can be sold at any time. One thing that makes Seismic unique is that our shares are not subject to a lockup, meaning you can sell them whenever you want. However, if sold before five years, you may lose this tax exemption. Please consult your tax professional* to learn how an investment in a QSB like Seismic could benefit you.

7/20: Many successful businesses have been started during recessions, including some of today’s most influential companies.

On June 13th, the S&P 500 stock market index fell into bear market territory, after closing more than 20 percent below its peak reached in early January. Investors are troubled by issues such as rising interest rates, high inflation and the war in Ukraine, all of which severely impact the perceived value of publicly traded companies, which are priced every 100th of a second.

In times such as these, it can make sense to search for alternatives, but what do investors have access to when it comes to private markets? One way investors can get through these times is by rebalancing their portfolio, and considering new asset classes. For you, one of those asset classes could be venture capital, an investment in private companies in their early stages who can benefit from a capital influx and a network of supportive industry professionals.

7/12: When you invest in Seismic Capital you are diversifying your investment portfolio twice.

First, you are diversifying by adding a new asset class, venture capital, to your portfolio. Venture capital has for a long time been the secret ingredient that the largest investors enjoy to get outsize returns. It has traditionally been cut off to most investors, even most wealthy investors, until now. Seismic Capital has opened the door to venture capital to investors of all levels of income and wealth.

Second, your investment is an investment in all of our holdings. We strategically invest in companies in a variety of industries and stages, providing diversification within venture capital to minimize risk and maximize potential returns for our investors.

We don’t just provide capital. We provide for our portfolio companies a high-end suite of benefits, including mentorship, consulting by our advisors, and administrative support such as employee benefits and back-office assistance, all designed to free the founders time to focus on their products, technology, and expanding their customer base.

7/1: At Seismic Capital, we provide patient, long-term growth capital, plus our decades of experience in tech, finance and entertainment, to build companies from the ground up.

As C-Suite leaders of companies both large and small, we have experienced first-hand the differences between enterprises that are thriving and those that are destined to fail. We apply our experience to growing the companies we invest in.

That depth of experience and understanding is pervasive at Seismic Capital. We understand what startups need so they can apply their focus to what they do best, developing their products and getting it to their customers. That’s why we provide our companies with back-office and HR support, and with corporate and advisory coaching so all Seismic companies can build.

6/28: Venture Capital has historically generated high returns for large investors in burgeoning startups. We just opened this opportunity up to everyone.

Investors in venture capital funds are typically very large institutions such as pension funds, financial firms, insurance companies, and university endowments—all of which put a small percentage of their total funds into high-risk investments. They expect a return of between 25% and 35% per year over the lifetime of the investment, far higher than typical returns in stock and bond markets.

However, unlike typical VC firms, Seismic Capital has opened this asset class up to most everyone. Seismic Capital makes strategic investments in companies that we believe have the potential to upend industries, not just ones that follow whatever trend is currently receiving high funding. We look for companies that understand that the status quo in many industries needs shaking, and possess the plan, skills, team, and product or service that is likely to achieve just that. We also provide several benefits to our investments not typically provided by venture capital firms, such as enthusiastic, supportive, and patient capital for growth, mentorship, employee benefits, a network of supporters, and much more.

6/25: We plan to announce our initial investments, making NOW an ideal time to invest in Seismic Capital.

At Seismic, we are uncovering startups with the potential to be industry-shifting – or to create new industries altogether. Identifying these companies is a tall order and then, as we invest, nurturing them to achieve greatness is our next order of business.

We are currently negotiating to make investments in three companies, all with big potential impact. In keeping with building a diversification strategy inside an investment in Seismic itself, these first three we are targeting will be operating in the online video gaming, entertainment, and environmental stewardship spaces.

6/21: What we mean by Accessible for Everyone -
1) We have structured this raise using Regulation A+ which means that investors of all wealth, income, and experience are welcome (and so are larger investors).
2) We have set our minimum investment at $1,000 or 182 shares, which we believe to be a low enough minimum so even those with no experience investing in venture capital, or with a standard investment portfolio, can participate.
3) For those who want to invest $50,000 or more, or $250,000 or more, there are special incentives at both tiers. Contact us for details.

6/11: SPOTLIGHT ON …Unbanked People
One essential ingredient of wealth building is having access to the banking system. Seismic Capital is reviewing two companies now – for future investment – that make banking services accessible to a portion of the 1.7 billion people in the world who don’t have bank accounts.

Imagine a company that improves the lives of millions of people by making them part of the global economy – whether they’re working for Dollars, Euros, Yen, Renminbi … or Crypto. That is what Seismic is about, the kinds of ideas that bring new ideas and teams into the fold to change industries for the better.

6/7: More funding – an astounding $329.41 billion – was invested in start-ups by venture capital companies in 2021. It was the biggest year in history for VC funding, nearly double the amount from the year before.

Early signs show that in 2022, the trend is NOT continuing. Venture funds have been renegotiating deals. Startups have been encountering tougher terms, if they can get an offer of funding at all. A lot of deals are simply not getting done, due to fearful capital or too little enthusiasm on the part of the VCs.

We are not emotional investors. We bring experience and insight into startup investing. Our goal is to create our own momentum by funding and nurturing startups that have the potential to redefine and alter their industries. Some of the world’s most successful companies are brands started during downturns, and even more when venture capital funds were acting out of fear.

5/28: The Basics:
1. We welcome investors of all levels of income, wealth, and experience.
2. We don’t charge fees.
3. All shareholders–investors, managers, advisors, company founders–in Seismic Capital have the same class of shares: regular, common stock. Everyone wins together.

How Do You Make Money with Seismic?
1. As our companies begin to cash flow, we intend to pay dividends.
2. As our companies reach scale, we intend to sell them or take them public. We intend to make distributions from these events.
3. When you sell your Seismic shares, if we’ve done our job right, they’ll be worth more than when you bought them, and you’ll profit from the sale.

5/17: In 2021, during a period of mostly widespread economic downturn, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the value that startups created is nearly on par with the GDP of a G7 company, with startup fundraising exceeding $600 billion. However, growth in itself is not the primary metric of a startup’s success. For us, sustainability and ethics are top priorities, and are most likely to correlate to long-term growth. With the ongoing energy transition there are areas of profound economic opportunity that are inherently related to reducing emissions and improving environmental impact of traditional industries and processes. Investors are now making purchasing decisions based upon the full environmental and societal impact of any given firm. With the knowledge we have today, there is no reason not to use sustainability as an important metric when making investments.

5/10: We have new content up now on our YouTube Channel which paints a picture of our vision and process to get there.

On our channel, you can also find answers to questions asked by past attendees including the role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, and who can invest in Seismic. If you are interested in investing with us you may have some of these same questions so we highly encourage you to check out the channel!

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkgUNAV97kIB52-uH4vFWxg

5/3: There are three ways to invest with Seismic today, you can visit our offering page to learn details about the size of our offering, our mission, leadership and more, you can visit our survey page to decide if Seismic is the right investment for you, or you can invest directly on DocuSign if you are already familiar with us and know you want to own shares. On our offering page you can find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

4/26: We’d like to congratulate our CFO Alice Neuhauser for being nominated for a Los Angeles Times 2022 CFO Leadership Award! To hear Alice talk about Seismic and early-stage startups shaking their respective markets, check out her interview on the Stocks for Beginners podcast.

4/23: The often-hyped world of cryptocurrency is currently experiencing a period of stagnation with all the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether, having found a new normal in markets, far below their peak valuations. Despite the decline, venture capitalists are on pace to pour a record amount of capital into the space this year. This kind of “groupthink” behavior does not characterize Seismic’s approach to venture capital. Rather than simply following trends, our founders and advisory board’s experience are leveraged to uncover what we believe to have the highest potential, then nurture them, partially by taking away the mundane, (HR, payroll etc.) and empowering our companies to focus on product and customers.

4/19: We believe that, partially due to the global pandemic, that innovation is evolving faster today than ever before. The environmental, public health, communication and other sectors are responding to unprecedented challenges that require solutions currently unseen by the public eye. This is another reason why we believe that the number of unicorns has been growing steadily since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite widespread economic downturns.

4/16: As two new “Unicorn” startups reach $1 billion evaluations nearly everyday, rarely has the time been better than now to consider investing in venture capital! We believe that, partially due to the global pandemic, that innovation is evolving faster today than ever before. The environmental, public health, communication and other sectors are responding to unprecedented challenges that require solutions currently unseen by the public eye. This is another reason why we believe that the number of unicorns has been growing steadily since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite widespread economic downturns. From 2020 to 2021 the number more than doubled with trends only going upward, 13.9% of total unicorns being minted since December 2021 alone.

4/12: It’s always nice to know that there are now more than 1,000 “unicorns” (i.e. startups valued at $1 billion or more) in the private market—and more joining the herd nearly every day. For a Venture Capital-type firm like ours, that tells us that our mission to find the next one may be well-timed.

What’s better, though, is that unicorn startups founded by women are also on the rise. Of the 595 companies that achieved unicorn status last year (a record number, mind you), 83 were founded or co-founded by women—that’s four times the count of 2020, and a record in itself!

This news affirms our perspective: startups that prioritize diversity of leadership and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance standards may be the next winners.

4/09: Our Chief Financial Officer, Alice Neuhauser, broke nearly everything you need to know about Seismic down in an exclusive interview with Stocks for Beginners on Monday. This one comes with our highest recommendation, and it’s as close as it gets to a definitive overview of Seismic’s unique, democratized approach to private investing. There’s not a minute wasted as Alice jumps from the current and future states of the private market, to our Regulation A+ offering that’s broken the barriers to Venture Capital investing, to the tax advantages that come with Seismic’s Qualified Small Business Stock structure, to so much more.

04/02: You can now make your investment through DocuSign.
Now, you can invest in Seismic using one simple online form. DocuSign is a platform many people have become accustomed to using, and we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable with every step of the process.

Click here to invest using DocuSign: https://powerforms.docusign.net/4ec858c5-c6c7-4098-ba23-5b6b4a2eb33d?env=na3&acct=324f2c91-2ef9-4693-918c-84c8b82c1aea&accountId=324f2c91-2ef9-4693-918c-84c8b82c1aea

3/28: Alice Neuhauser, our CFO, sat down with The Business Journals to discuss the role of ESG in choosing the right startups to invest in. As Alice noted, we’re now at a point where ethics can serve to predict a company’s long-term sustainability. That’s why, for us at Seismic, ethical impact isn’t an afterthought—it’s at the heart of our investment process. To read what Alice had to say, check out “Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Knowing and caring about ESG” on The Business Journals.

3/12: Seismic CEO Steven Weinstein took to Crowdfund Insider to discuss the SEC’s recent proposal to change the definition of “accredited investor,” which would create even more hurdles for those looking to invest in startups. As you can probably guess from our “open for investment to all” structure, we’re not the biggest fans of the rule change—but we are offering a solution. To read Steven’s full thoughts, visit “Steven Weinstein, CEO of Seismic Capital, Shares Opinion on Accredited Investor Definition and a Possible Change to the Rule” on Crowdfund Insider.

3/9: Bloomberg published an article surveying the growth of startups nationwide as a result of increased venture activity. While metros like San Francisco and New York predictably topped the charts, the data reveals that regions all over the country have also benefited from the surge in startup investing—with some seeing gains upward of 400% over the past decade! To learn more about these booming startup ecosystems, find “The Post-Pandemic Geography of the U.S. Tech Economy” on Bloomberg.

3/7: Our CEO, Steven Weinstein, sat down with leading financial media portal Proactive Investors for an exclusive interview. In it, he explains how Seismic offers a democratized way of investing in Venture Capital in the face of the SEC’s plans to increase the “accredited investor” threshold to $10 million. It’s not just a great watch—it’s a quick one (under 7 minutes). You can find it on Proactive Investors at “Seismic Capital discusses implications for potential change in ‘accredited investor’ definition.”

2/16: Steven Weinstein, our CEO, wrote an insightful piece about equitable employment, and why it’s not just ethical but crucial to the sustainability of a company. As active managers, we facilitate a healthy work environment while our startups’ leaders focus on growth. One way we “keep the ship steady” is by fostering loyalty through the benefits we offer our employees (paid internships, always, and a student loan bonus model, to name two examples). To learn more, check out “Seismic and Equitable Employment in 2022” on our Medium.

2/14: Our CFO, Alice Neuhauser, offered some sound advice on startup investing. Among other things, she noted that finding the time and resources (let alone wealth) necessary to pick the right startups can be a difficult task for the average investor. That’s where Seismic comes in. Through our democratized structure, we’re letting most everyone (not just the most elite class of investors) add Venture Capital to their portfolio. Read what Alice had to say in “5 Experts Explain How to Invest in Startups in 2022” on Invested Wallet.

2/9: We officially hit the 1,000 unicorn milestone, meaning there are now 1,000 startups with a valuation of $1 billion or more. This pool continues to grow, with about two new companies now joining the “herd” every day. Given this, we think our odds are better than ever for finding the next unicorn while they’re still “in the garage.” For all the details, check out “There Are Now 1,000 Unicorn Startups Worth $1 Billion or More” on Bloomberg.

2/4: PitchBook released its Q2 2021 “Global Fund Performance Report” and 2021 “US VC Valuations Report.” The reports, which tracked data across private companies, revealed that Venture Capital returns on a one-year rolling basis surpassed 65% in Q2 2021 (the fifth quarter in a row of an IRR increase). Meanwhile, valuations continue to grow, creating more and more startups eager to exit. Both reports are available for free download on PitchBook’s website.

2/4: January continued last year’s trend of very strong performance for Venture Capital, with 45 startups achieving “unicorn” status and the buildup of venture-backed companies eager to exit continuing to grow. For more details on Venture Capital’s new year kick-off, find “What Slowdown? Strong Private-Company Funding Pace Continues Into 2022 Despite Market Turmoil” on Crunchbase.

1/24: Bloomberg published a piece explaining how Venture Capital shaped the world by prioritizing disruptive innovation. By providing startups with resources for growth while offering flexibility, Venture Capitalists advantageously operate as networks, with diverse portfolios boosting the chances of a “grand-slam” investment. Read the full article, “How Venture Capital Created the Modern World,” to learn more about the factors driving success in this asset class.

1/7: A study from PitchBook revealed that almost 700 Venture Capital-backed companies are poised for an IPO this year. That’s more than triple the figure for 2021, in large part because of a “decade-long buildup of venture-backed startups” that has led to a critical mass of eager investors. For more on how Venture Capital is priming startups for public exits, check out “You Thought 2021 Was a Big VC Year? Ha!” on Chief Investment Officer.

12/20: Our CFO, Alice Neuhauser, spoke with SheVentures Podcast to share a personal investing-related pet peeve: buzzwords. Using the phrase “serial entrepreneur” for example, she explained how predatory founders might prey on the inexperienced investor with industry jargon to mask potential shortcomings. For her thoughts as well as more investing insight, find “Key Pitching Tips from Female Investors” on SheVentures Podcast.

11/24: A report by EisnerAmper revealed that 2021’s third quarter alone saw a greater venture capital exit value (earned when venture firms’ portfolio companies go public or get sold privately) than the full-year exit values in every year from 2010-2018! In English, that means now is the time to keep an eye on venture-type firms like Seismic. For more, check out “How Well Is VC Doing This Year? Very, Very Well” on Chief Investment Officer.

11/22: Our President, Eric White, wrote about the value of investing in startups, particularly as a high net worth investor. At this crossroads of history, the private market is brimming with opportunities for new technologies and ideas, any of which could potentially create a lasting impact on their industries. Read his full thoughts in “Why High Net Worth Investors Should Invest in Startups'' on Worth.

11/1: One of our Advisors, Bruce Waxman, wrote a thoughtful piece on the changes in talent search and remote logistics that startups and big tech firms alike should anticipate as workers return to in-person offices. You can find the full article in the November 2021 issue of HR Future.

10/28: The end of the fiscal year saw a whopping 36.7% median return for the 40 university endowments with more than $1 billion in assets as of October 27. That’s nearly 10% higher than the equivalent figure for public pension plans—largely thanks to venture capital. It’s returns like these that motivate us to give everyone the chance to have venture capital in their portfolio. To learn more, check out “Private equity, venture capital turbocharge endowment returns” on Pensions & Investments.

10/27: Private equity and venture capital drove outsize returns for Bowdoin, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania in fiscal year 2021. At the top was Bowdoin, whose shift of its $2.72 billion portfolio toward private assets paid off when they yielded a remarkable 57.4% return. Now imagine if everyone could add venture capital to their portfolio. Read the full story in “Private Equity and Venture Capital Drove Outsized Returns at Bowdoin, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania” on Institutional Investor.

10/21: A recent study by Schroders revealed that a large portion of institutional investors plan to increase their allocation to private assets over the next 12 month, citing diversification as an incentive. They must realize the stage is set for venture capital to dominate this coming year. For all the details, find “Institutional Investors Double Down on Private Assets” on Chief Investment Officer.

10/13: Our CFO spoke with GOBankingRates about the novel investing priorities of Gen Z, and why now is the time to target diverse, inclusive companies making a lasting impact on their industries. Check out “Collaborative Investing and How It Could Improve Gen Z’s Wealth” on GOBankingRates for more.

10/12: Venture capital continues to prove its chops as an asset class, as new figures revealed a nearly 30% rise for the average college foundation investment portfolio in 2021. This is a huge gain for university endowments, and exciting news for venture-type firms like Seismic. Read the full piece at “Venture Capital Spurs Endowments’ Record Returns” on Chief Investment Officer.

9/25: Our CEO discussed our process of identifying, guiding, and building firms that we believe can make a “Seismic” impact on the world. If you want to check out the full article, “Steven Weinstein: CEO at Seismic Capital Co. Says They’re Interested in High-Potential Fintech, Edtech, Process Improvement Startups,” it can be found on Crowdfund Insider!

9/15: CEO Steven Weinstein wrote about the path toward accessibility of electronic payments for the 22% of Americans who are unbanked or underbanked. His thoughts were published in “How Startups Are Solving the Unbanking Crisis” on Payments Journal.

9/9: Benzinga recently featured us as a company to watch out for in their “Fintech Focus for September 10, 2021.” You can find the full article on their website!

9/2: Our CEO wrote about the prospects of digital financial services for those living in areas with a lack of physical banks. His expressed his thoughts in “FinTech investor interests shift to solutions solving our banking deserts” on IBS Intelligence.
Man with laptop

Now, you can add venture capital to your portfolio.

Have you ever wanted to invest like the 1%, college endowments or big public pension funds? Venture capital as an asset class has been a fixture in sophisticated investors’ portfolios for years, providing the “sizzle” that contributes to outsized performance.* Are you interested in getting in on the next big thing (think Tesla or Coinbase)—well before they become big (or go public)**?

Right now, Seismic is offering this venture-capital-like opportunity to just about everyone, regardless of income or amount of investment experience. Our investment process seeks potential unicorns (private companies that reach a billion-dollar valuation before going public or being sold). We want to nurture ideas that can revolutionize industries. And now, you can be a part of what might be the next big thing.

Another thing: we only look at companies who meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. More and more evidence shows that outperformance is closely tied with sustainable and ethical business practices.

Now you can own equity shares of Seismic Capital Company.

Offering Circular

A tax-advantaged structure designed to meet investors’ long-term needs:


This advantageous structure will shield most investors from capital gains taxes after a holding period (if the shareholder purchased their shares from the original offering—this Reg A+ offering). This is based on IRS Code Section 1202 (qualified small business stocks). Seismic does not provide tax advice; please consult your tax professional for personalized advice.

A diversified portfolio can help minimize risk:

We aren’t just looking for companies that will perform well—we’re seeking extraordinary firms that aim to disrupt the very core of their industries. We look for companies that understand that the status quo needs shaking, and possess the plan, skills, team, and product or service that are likely to achieve just that.

Your investment in Seismic is an investment in all the holdings we acquire—not just one. This diversification of companies, industries, and stages will be a strategic advantage for our shareholders, aiming to mitigate risk and maximize the probability of success.

what it MEANS to be SEISMIC

We focus on private early-stage companies that we believe will become the leaders, enablers, and beneficiaries of disruptive innovation.

Investing in the future today

  • Seismic innovation should displace industry incumbents, increase efficiencies, and attempt to rapidly gain market share, creating opportunities for investors with the vision to participate.
  • Seismic believes that innovation is evolving faster today than ever before (partially due to Covid-19). We believe these forced lifestyle and industry adjustments will open new, undiscovered markets, dramatically transforming lives and businesses across the globe.

Seismic = ethical impact

Creating a fairer and cleaner future is no longer a mere dream. Seismic is actively integrating environmental, social, and governance standards into our company selection process. These ethical standards are now recognized sources of outperformance and risk management.

Offering Circular


Becoming a Seismic company confers a high-end suite of benefits: enthusiastic, supportive, and patient capital for growth; mentorship; employee benefits; a network of supporters; and much more.

Seismic targets high-potential, extraordinary management teams and entrepreneurs intent on shaking their markets. We look for innovative disruptors with a potentially high probability of success who make us ask, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Company Selection Overview

Tying the process together (the glue)

Seismic looks to support impactful companies focused on developing technology, building products, and acquiring customers. Our firms are laser-focused on all kinds of digital and emerging technologies, sustainability, education, and more, and all comply with the highest standards of integrity and accountability to promote and protect the environment and our communities.

We open the door to investors of all ages and income and wealth levels.

Offering Circular

as SEEN in


Offering Size
$49 million
equity shares of Seismic Capital Company
The same common shares as our founders.
Minimum Investment
$1,000 ($5.50/share)
$1,000=182 shares

(5.5 on the Richter scale typically shakes the earth, can typically be felt as far as 300 miles away, and tends to cause limited physical damage.)

Dalmore Group, LLC
Marcum LLP
The investment sign up process is powered by KoreconX with broker-dealer level security and 256-Bit Encryption.


Through a democratized capital structure, Seismic opens the door to investors of all ages and income and wealth levels.




The Seismic Capital leadership team‘s decades of business experience—in finance, technology, leadership, mentoring, marketing, sales, HR, and more—allow it to guide and nurture its portfolio companies. Advising means more than attending quarterly board meetings. Our management team works extensively with our companies and hand-selects a team of advisors.

Steven Weinstein
Steven Weinstein
Eric White
Eric White
Alice Neuhauser
Alice Neuhauser
Yann Geron, Esq.
Yann Geron, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer


The Seismic Capital advisory board features a suite of professionals from various industries and disciplines, creating an extensive network of expertise and knowledge for mentorship, support, and new opportunities. Seismic companies’ ability to lean on a deep bench of business knowledge and their contacts provides a customized mentorship team for each portfolio company.

Robert Andrialis
Robert Andrialis
Securities Strategy
Mitchell Berman
Mitchell Berman
Entrepreneur in Residence
Porter Bibb
Porter Bibb
Multi-Media Advisor
Demetrio Cuzzocrea
Demetrio Cuzzocrea
Technology & Web Analysis
De’Ana Dow
De’Ana Dow
Energy & Financial Markets
Rob Finney
Rob Finney
Banking / Corporate Finance
Theresa Moore
Theresa Moore
Diversity, Inclusion & Media Advisor
Brad Paden
Brad Paden
Incubation Advisor
Roxanne Taylor
Roxanne Taylor
Marketing/Corporate Communications Advisor
Joey Tuttle
Joey Tuttle
Information Design & Infrastructure
Bruce Waxman
Bruce Waxman
Entrepreneur Compensation & Recruitment Advisor






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