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Seis·mic: //saizmik /
Ideas that shake the foundations of their industries–that’s what we’re about.

We are a holding company that invests in companies we believe will seismically shift their industries for the better, make things easier, or both, as well as make a lot of money for themselves and for Seismic’s shareholders.

We invite you to join us.

Through a democratized capital structure, Seismic opens the door to investors of all levels of incomes and wealth.


10/13: Our CFO, Alice Neuhauser, spoke with GOBankingRates about the novel investing priorities of Gen Z, and why now is the time to target diverse, inclusive companies making a lasting impact on their industries. Its title is “Collaborative Investing and How It Could Improve Gen Z’s Wealth” on GOBankingRates.

9/25: Our CEO discussed our process of identifying, guiding, and building firms that we believe can make a “Seismic” impact on the world. If you want to check out the full article, “Steven Weinstein: CEO at Seismic Capital Co. Says They’re Interested in High-Potential Fintech, Edtech, Process Improvement Startups,” it can be found on Crowdfund Insider!

9/15: CEO Steven Weinstein wrote about the path toward accessibility of electronic payments for the 22% of Americans who are unbanked or underbanked. His thoughts were published in “How Startups Are Solving the Unbanking Crisis” on Payments Journal.

9/9: Benzinga recently featured us as a company to watch out for in their “Fintech Focus for September 10, 2021.” You can find the full article on their website!

9/2: Our CEO wrote about the prospects of digital financial services for those living in areas with a lack of physical banks. His expressed his thoughts in “FinTech investor interests shift to solutions solving our banking deserts” on IBS Intelligence.

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Seismic investments aim to shake the very core of their industries.

Welcome to Seismic, an early-stage growth investor committed to identifying, guiding, and nurturing companies seeking to create seismic shifts in the spaces where they compete.

We invest in highly motivated teams and entrepreneurs who we believe​ demonstrate potential for growth and profit. Embedded in our investment criteria are ethics—a commitment to preserving the environment and being socially responsible.

Offering Circular

Reasons to invest:


We aren’t just looking for companies that will perform well—we are seeking extraordinary firms that aim to disrupt the very core of their industries. We look for companies that understand that the status quo needs shaking, and have the plan, skills, team, and product or service that demonstrates a high probability of achieving just that.


This advantageous structure will shield most investors from capital gains taxes after a holding period, and if the shareholder purchased their shares from the original offering (which this RegA+ offering is). This is based on IRS Code Section 1202, Qualified Small Business Stocks.​ Seismic does not provide tax advice, please consult your tax professional for personalized advice.​ ​

*Please consult your tax professional for personal advice.

We are identifying, through our networks and research, companies that fit our criteria and want to be Seismic. Your investment in Seismic is an investment in all of our holdings —not just one—as we purchase them. This diversification of companies, industries, and stages will be a strategic advantage for our shareholders.


We are investors alongside our shareholders. We seek to invest in Seismic companies that are run by good people who take ethics seriously, cherish the earth and its inhabitants, and bring that purpose to their team, product or service, and customers.

Being Seismic comes with responsibilities.

We believe Seismic companies should be in every investor’s portfolio.

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what it MEANS to be SEISMIC

We seek investments that span industries and the globe providing diversification for our shareholders. We focus on private, early-stage companies that we believe will become the leaders, enablers, and beneficiaries of disruptive innovation.

Investing in the future today

Seismic innovation should displace industry incumbents, increase efficiencies, and attempt to gain market share, creating opportunities for investors with the vision to participate.

Seismic believes that innovation is evolving faster today than ever before, in part, driven by Covid-19 which is evolving our lifestyles and driving unprecedented innovation. We believe this will open new, yet unforeseen markets, dramatically changing lives and businesses across the globe. This is creating a wealth of opportunities to own the next big thing by investing in the future today.

Seismic = ethical impact

Creating a fairer and cleaner future is no longer a mere dream. Seismic’s research, investment, management, and advisory teams are actively integrating environmental, social, and governance issues into our company selection process. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and ethics are now recognized sources of outperformance, sustainability for the company and its industry, and a contributor to risk management.


Becoming a Seismic company confers a high-end suite of benefits: enthusiastic, supportive, and patient capital for growth; mentorship; employee benefits; a network of supporters; and much more.

Seismic targets high-potential, extraordinary management teams and entrepreneurs intent on shaking their markets. We look for innovative disruptors with a potentially high probability of success who make us ask, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Three steps to qualifying as a prospective Seismic Company.

Tying the process together (the glue)

Seismic looks to support impactful companies focused on developing technology, building products, and acquiring customers. Our firms are laser-focused across digital and emerging technologies, sustainability, education, and more, and all comply with the highest standards of integrity and accountability to promote and protect the environment and our communities.

Through a democratized capital structure, Seismic opens the door to investors of all ages and income and wealth levels.

Offering Circular

as SEEN in


Offering Size
$49 million
Minimum Investment
$1,000 ($5.50/share)
$1,000=182 shares

(We selected our share price to coincide with​ 5.5 on the Richter scale typically shakes the earth, can typically be felt as far as 300 miles away, and tends to cause limited physical damage.)

What You Own
equity share
of Seismic Capital Company

The same common shares as our founders.

How We Make Money and Return Capital
we nurture our companies, and we may issue dividends assuming that they grow & make money

When companies are ready, we may sell them or take them public. With a successful exit, we may issue a special dividend.


Through a democratized capital structure, Seismic opens the door to investors of all ages and income and wealth levels.




The Seismic leadership team‘s decades of business experience—in finance, technology, leadership, mentoring, marketing, sales, HR, and more—allow it to guide and nurture its portfolio companies. Advising means more than attending quarterly board meetings. Our management team works extensively with our companies and hand-selects a team of advisors.

Steven Weinstein
Steven Weinstein
Eric White
Eric White
Alice Neuhauser
Alice Neuhauser
Yann Geron, Esq.
Yann Geron, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer


The Seismic advisory board features a suite of professionals from various industries and disciplines, creating an extensive network of expertise and knowledge for mentorship, support, and new opportunities. Seismic companies’ ability to lean on a deep bench of business knowledge and their contacts provides a customized mentorship team for each portfolio company.

Mitchell Berman Mitchell Berman
Entrepreneur in Residence
Robert Andrialis Robert Andrialis
Securities Strategy
Demetrio Cuzzocrea Demetrio Cuzzocrea
Technology and Web Analysis
Brad Paden Brad Paden
Incubation Advisor
Joey Tuttle Joey Tuttle
Information Design and Infrastructure
Rob Finney Rob Finney
Banking / Corporate Finance
Porter Bibb Porter Bibb
Multi-Media Advisor
David Mercer David Mercer
Government/Public Affairs and Diversity Advisor
Roxanne Taylor Roxanne Taylor
Marketing/Corporate Communications Advisor
Theresa Moore Theresa Moore
Diversity, Inclusion & Media Advisor
Bruce Waxman Bruce Waxman
Entrepreneur Compensation & Recruitment Advisor
De’Ana Dow De’Ana Dow
Energy and Financial Markets




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